Terms and Conditions

  1. The 3058 Workout Owner, Manager and Promoter is Coburg Osteopathy and Health Services.  The ‘Event’ is the 3058 Workout and is to take place at the Coburg Lake Reserve on Sunday 15th April, 2018 10am to 2pm.
  2. All entrants are required to complete and submit registration via the 3058 Workout official website pay an official entry fee, which is donated to selected charity. The entry fee will not be refunded if an entrant changes their mind about participating in the 3058 Workout. The entry form is only valid for the person whose name and address details are listed.
  3. Each entrant may only submit one entry for the event.
  4. Each entrant acknowledges that participating in the event may involve a real risk of serious injury or even death from various causes including over exertion, dehydration, and accidents with other participants, spectators or road users.
  5. Each entrant acknowledges that (to the extent permitted by law) he or she participates in the Event at his or her own risk and in consideration of, and as a condition of acceptance of, his or her entry into this Event each entrant agrees to release and indemnify (to the extent permitted by law) the Event Owner, the Event Organiser, the Event sponsors and each of their agents, affiliates, employees, members and volunteers (“those indemnified”) from any and all liability (including without limitation liability in negligence) relating to an entrant’s:
  6. death; or
  7. physical or mental injury (including the aggravation, acceleration or reoccurrence of an injury),
  8. unless that death or injury was caused by the reckless conduct or reckless disregard of those indemnified.
  9. Each entrant should seek medical advice to ensure they are fit to compete and this advice must be obtained regularly and with the specific demands of the event in mind.
  10. Each entrant recognises the difficulties of the event and attests that they are physically fit to compete safely in the event and that they have not been advised otherwise by a qualified medical practitioner.
  11. If an entrant becomes aware of any medical condition or impairment that will be detrimental to their health if they participate in this event, or are otherwise sick or injured prior to the event, they must withdraw from the event.
  12. Each entrant consents to receive medical treatment that may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident and/or illness during the event. In the occurrence of injury, accident and/or illness, costs of medical treatment and ambulance transportation are the responsibility of the entrant.
  13. Each entrant hereby acknowledges and agrees that their entry fee is non-refundable should they not compete and that fees are not transferable to future events.
  14. Each entrant acknowledges that they are responsible for their personal possessions and athletic equipment during the event and related activities. Valuable items including money should not be placed in baggage or left in Coburg Lake area and (to the extent permitted by law) no liability will attach to any person, corporation or body involved or otherwise engaged in promoting or staging the Event for loss or damage of personal possessions.
  15. The Event Owner and Event Organiser’s decisions will be final and no correspondence or disputes entertained.
  16. Each entrant agrees to obey and accept the event rules and any other instructions of the Event Owner or Event Organiser or their nominees (whether announced on the day of the Event or otherwise).
  17. Entrants must ensure that their ability to participate in the event is not significantly impaired by alcohol or drugs. Entrants must not behave in a manner that is offensive or aggressive, that may diminish the reputation of the event (or of the Event Owner or Event Organiser) is contrary to law or is otherwise inappropriate. If the Event Owner or Event Organiser considers that an entrant breaches this clause, they may disqualify the entrant and direct the entrant to cease participation in the Event immediately and the entrant must comply.
  18. Each entrant consents to the publication and/or use in any form of media whatsoever of their name, personal information, timing data, image and statements in any context pertaining to the Event or otherwise during or after the Event whether for advertising, promotions or otherwise for no fee or remuneration.
  19. Each entrant understands that their entry form and payment is valid only for the event and is flexible for all 6 activities stated. Entry allows them access to all 6, however all 6 activities do not have to be undertaken.  
  20. For unforeseen circumstances where the entrant is unable to participate, he/she can bring in a substitution awaiting approval by Event Organisers. This can be done by contacting Event management.
  21. All entrants under the age of 15 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. No persons under the age 15 will be allowed to leave the venue without the presence of a parent or guardian. All persons under the age of 15 are the responsibility of the parent or guardian and are of no responsibility of event staff.
  22. The Event Owner reserves the right to make minor alternations to these terms and conditions up to and including on the date of the Event. The Event Owner may also make variations to the activities up to and including the date of the Event. Variations will be posted on the Event website, which entrants must review from time-to-time.
  23. Nothing in these terms (or any other terms relating to the Event) limits any guarantee, warranty or condition implied by statute that cannot be excluded. The liability of The Event Owner and the Event Organiser will (where permissible under statute) be limited to (at the discretion of The Event Owner or the Event Organiser), in the case of goods, the replacement or repair of the goods or payment for the replacement of the goods, and in the case of services, the resupply of the services or payment for the value of the services.